Honour - Egypt 1801

Date - 08 March
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - French Revolutionary War; 1793-1803

Description By 1801 Napoleon was at the height of his power and all conquering across Europe.

Egypt was of strategic importance, not only as a gateway to the East, but also as a bargaining chip when war ended.

He intended to reinforce the Expeditionary troop left isolated when Nelson destroyed the French Fleet at the Nile 01-Aug-1798. However the British forestalled this by conducting the first amphibious landing of the war at Aboukir. The landing was conducted by overwhelming force, French defeated, and Cairo captured. The French remnants rounded up and sent home by the Turks and Mamalukes.

HM Ships
Active  Agincourt  Ajax  Alexander  Alligator 
Asp  Astraea  Athenian  Babelmandeb  Ballahou 
Blonde  Bonne Citoyenne  Brackel  Cameleon  Ceres 
Charon  Chichester  Cruelle  Cyclops  Cynthia 
Dangereuse  Delft  Determinee  Diadem  Diane 
Dictator  Dido  Dolphin  Dover  Dragon 
Druid  El Carmen  Entreprenante  Espiegle  Europa 
Eurus  Expedition  Experiment  Flora  Florentina 
Foudroyant  Fox  Fulminante  Fury  Gibraltar 
Good Design  Gorgon  Gozo  Greyhound  Haerlem 
Hebe  Hector  Heroine  Inconstant  Inflexible 
Iphigenia  Janissary  Kangaroo  Kent  Leda 
Leopard   Madras  Malta Minerve  Minorca 
Minotaur Modeste  Mondovi Monmouth  Negresse 
Niger  Northumberland  Pallas  Pearl  Pegasus 
Penelope  Peterel  Phoenix  Pigmy  Pique 
Port Mahon  Regulus  Renommee  Renown  Resource 
Roebuck  Romney  Romulus  Rosa  Salamine 
Santa Dorothea  Santa Teresa  Scampavia  Sensible  Sheerness 
Sir Sidney Smith  Spider  Stately  Sultana  Swiftsure 
Tartarus  Termagant  Thetis  Thisbe  Tigre 
Tourterelle  Transfer  Trusty  Ulysses  Urchin 
Vestal  Victor  Victorieuse  Vincejo  Wilhelmina 
Winchelsea  Woolwich       
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