HMS Pegasus (1917) CV  (6th)

This the sixth ship to carry the name HMS Pegasus was a mixed carrier.

Built by John Brown on the Clyde, bought 27-Feb-1917, and completed with a hangar aft for seaplanes and flying-off platform forward for landplanes. Launched 09-Jun-1917 and commissioned 28-Feb-1917, three days after HMS Nairana. Making Pegasus the last of the mixed carriers.

On completion served at Rosyth during 1917/18. Took part in some North Sea operations but was used mainly for pilot training and ferrying aircraft to platform equipped capital ships.

Stationed at Archangel may-Sep-1919 in support of White Russians against Red Russians. Also served at the Dardanelles in 1920 during the Chanak Crisis.

Attached to the Mediterranean Fleet 1920-24.

The launching platform was removed 1923 and she was re-rated as an aircraft tender 1924.

Went to Singapore 1924-25, and returned to the UK and into reserve 25-Jul-1925.

Re-commissioned 1929 for a short time.

Sold 22-Aug-1931 for scrapping.


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